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Happy New Year

Firstly let me start by saying “Happy New Year!”. We are already halfway through January, can you believe it?! I did make a few new years resolutions this year, one of which is to do more exercise. I can officially say I have been for one morning walk thus far. Considering we are 2.5 weeks into the new year that’s not a great start. Well, I can only improve!


I love this quote by C.S. Lewis  ~ “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” What a great way to walk into this new year. If we can believe that this year we are going to acheive and experience far better things, how can that NOT get you excited for what’s ahead!
If you are in business, one good thing to do at the start of the year is to freshen things up. Just like we get a haircut or new outfit over the Christmas/ New Year period, its good to give our business image a makeover too. I’m not talking anything drastic necessarily, though in some cases that may be needed.

Doing something simple like getting a new business portrait can instantly update your image, and show the world that you’re still going strong.



At the start of a new year it’s a good idea to take a look at your current business portrait / headshots and ask yourself these questions:

• Does it look Contemporary?

• Do I still look like that or has my look changed?

• Does it look Professional?

• Does it say what I want it to say?  (Yes, your portrait speaks alot about you.)


If you’ve never had a Professional Headshot taken, this is your year to get it done! We have some good information here on Professional Headshots and why they are important. Whatever you do to get motivated for the year and “freshen up” your business, make it count. And this year let’s all have ‘More fun, less fear’!



If we can help you in any way with getting some new Portraits done please contact us and we would love to create something beautiful for you.

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