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Love Yourself this Valentines Day





Well its started….the lead up to “The Day of Love” a.k.a. Valentines Day. That time of the year when jewellery stores start flogging their wares on TV in an attempt to entice (or guilt) men into spending big. When florists make more money in one day than a whole month. When men feel the pressure to “show their love” through material stuff.
I think it’s time to change Valentines Day into a “Love Yourself Day”. A day where we do something that is good for us. Where we do something that feeds our own soul. A day where we intentionally choose to be kind to ourselves.
Women in 2018 live full on lives. We are daughters, friends, mothers, wives, cooks, cleaners, tutors, life coach’s, event organiser’s, counsellors, encouragers…. and that is just in our homes & personal lives! We are often so much to so many, that it can be easy to forget to look after ourselves. And by that I mean attending to our own soul.
You may wonder what it actually looks like to be kind to yourself? For each woman it looks different. For some it might be stopping on the way home from school drop off to just sit in a cafe and drink a coffee by yourself. It might be phoning a friend to chat, going for a walk, taking a drive to the beach and watching the sunset, sitting down for 15 minutes and reading a book, running a bath and listening to some music or getting a massage. It could even be that you finally book in to have a Glamour Photo shoot, and be pampered and feel beautiful. We can help you with that here.
Whatever it is that helps You relax, unwind and take a deep breath – that is Your thing. So give yourself some love this Valentines Day, and then make it a regular thing.
You matter, you are valuable, and you deserve it.

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