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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Boutique Glamour Session?


Your very own magazine-style photo shoot, complete with Glamour Makeover and Hairstyling. Click here to see what a Glamour Portrait shoot looks like.



What ages is it for?

Our sessions are for all women of all ages. You are never too young or too old to have beautiful portraits.


What sets us apart from other Glamour studios?

An all-female team that are professional, experienced, talented and passionate about what they do!
Photographer Catherine Leung has been shooting Glamour Portraits for 16 years. She has a passion for giving every woman their very own “I am Beautiful” moment. “Glamour Photography is not just about creating beautiful images, but it is about having an experience where you truly feel beautiful” says Catherine. “For me it is also about placing value on womanhood”.


I’ve never taken a good photo. Will I really be able to look that good? I have no idea how to pose.

99% of our clients are NOT models. They are every day women just like you! Photographer Catherine guides you through your shoot every step of the way and  gently explains how to move step by step.


What makes HeavenlyImage Photography’s glamour portraits so good?

There are many factors to a great portrait. Lighting, styling, composition, posing and expression all play a role. And then there’s the X-factor. That special something a portrait needs. That “special something” is usually emotion. Less experienced photographers may know how to pose you, but fail to capture emotion. We don’t just want to create pretty images, we want to create photographs that convey emotion. You should feel something when you look at a photograph. A great portrait will move you in some way.


Can I do the shoot with my mum/sister/friend?

Yes! We love generational shoots. What a perfect way to capture the generational line in your family, and preserve it in beautiful photographs.


What do I need for the shoot?

Any outfits you would like to wear. Five outfits is a good number, but feel free to have more on hand. Accessories you would like to wear with the outfits: jewellery, hats, shoes, etc.


Do I get a say in how my hair and makeup looks?

Of course! We want you to LOVE how you look! Makeup and hairstyling plays an important role in creating beautiful portraits. We only use high level experienced Makeup Artists and Hairstylists. Your Makeup artist will discuss your hair and makeup with you right at the beginning.  This will ensure your makeup artist understands your desires, and achieves the looks you are after.


Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes we sell Gift Vouchers! You can purchase a Gift Voucher that includes a session, session + prints, or just a money value to spend in the studio.


When will I get the photos?

This depends on what you order. Prints generally take around 2-3 weeks, Framed Portraits 4-5 weeks, Portrait Albums 6-8 weeks. Urgent orders can also be accommodated (surcharge may apply).


Are the photographs retouched?

Yes. All of our prints are professionally retouched in Photoshop. You can request specific retouching for your photographs during your viewing. There may be a fee for in-depth/high-level retouching.


Will my photographs be used on your website/social media?

Only if you are happy for us to. During your session you will fill in a Client Form. On the form you have the option of signing the model release. As we deal with prominent public figures, client privacy is of utmost importance to us. Your details will never be shared under any circumstances.


Do you sell the digital images?

Yes. We have 3 different packages of High Resolution finished retouched images. Packages start at $1200 for 6 images.


What kind of outfits should I wear?

Think creatively and a bit out of the box. Interesting outfits make for interesting photographs. It may not be something you would normally wear, but in a photograph it may just look amazing!


Can I do something really arty, as well as more normal photos?

We love being creative during our shoots! If you have any ideas (even ones that you think are a bit “out there”), please share them with us! Or if you have no ideas and want to get your creative juices flowing, start looking online. Pinterest is a great place to find interesting and inspirational pics of makeup, hairstyling and shoot ideas.


What happens if I don’t like my photographs?

Thankfully we have never had that happen. Our clients are usually so in love with their photographs they want them all! But if for some reason you didn’t like your photographs, we would do whatever we could to fix what you don’t like. If that didnt work, you would be under no obligation to purchase prints. We only want you purchasing what you absolutely love!


How much does it cost?

A Glamour Portrait session is $195 and includes your Makeover & Hairstyling, portrait shoot, and same-day viewing. This session fee is paid upon booking your shoot. During your viewing you have the opportunity to purchase prints, framed prints, portrait albums and other presentation options.


Where is your studio based?

Our boutique studio is in Stanhope Gardens, north-west Sydney. Most of our Portrait Sessions are done in our studio. If you would prefer us to come to you, we can arrange to bring the Glamour Studio to you! Travel/accomodation fees may apply.

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