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Family Photography by HeavenlyImage

Family Photography ~ Meet the Prasad Family

On Tuesday this week we had the pleasure of meeting the Prasad Family ~ Brian, Shyal Devi and Brian. When Brian first contacted me he told me that they had been planning to do a baby shoot of their little boy Shyamak when he was first born. He is now six months old! Time can get away when you have a newborn, so I commended them for actually making the time now for some family photography! It is so easy to keep putting certain things at the end of the “To Do” list, because there is so much TO do! I am a culprit of this too. But when it comes to family photographs, time does not stand still. We grow, we change, we age. This is why capturing moments in time is so important.
Over the next week I am going to share some of my favourite photos from the Prasad Family Photo Shoot. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them! We start with this gorgeous black and white portrait of dad and baby..


Father and son photographed by HeavenlyImage Photography
Family Photography Sydney by HeavenlyImage Photography


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