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Children’s Photography Sydney- Fine Art Childrens Portraits

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Fine Art Children’s Portraits

One of my earliest memories as a child was when I was in pre-school. I remember the feeling of things being magical, like the enormous sandpit with tunnels, and the dress up corner that you went up a ladder to get to. Everything was big and adventurous. It’s a shame that as we get older we lose that sense of wonder about the world. After all, there is still so much wonder out there!
Children see the world so much differently than us adults. The world is to be discovered and explored. It’s easy making friends. And whatever question enters your mind – you ask it! You don’t about worry about what people might be thinking about you. You just be and do. What great lessons right there!

Fine Art Portraits vs Happy Snaps

Every child has a unique story with dreams as big as their imagination. At my Photography Studio, I try to capture each child in all their uniqueness.  My photography is not about getting your child to do a forced smile. I am more interested in capturing what is behind those beautiful eyes. My Fine Art Children’s Photography is about capturing the essence of a child, a moment in time, a memory to be treasured. These are unique Portraits that go beyond happy snaps. Each Portrait tells a story and is a unique work of art. These beautiful Portraits become heirlooms that are treasured for years to come.


Personalised Portraits with your child’s name.


The Portrait Session

Your child’s session starts with a phone consultation. We discuss your desires and dreams for your child’s portraits and come up with a styling plan. On the day of the shoot, you bring a variety of outfits for your child. I photograph your child in their outfits using a variety of backdrops and lighting to compliment each look.

Viewing Your Photographs

All of the images are ready for viewing on the same day with the option of ordering prints, Framed Portraits, Canvas prints, Acrylic prints, and beautiful Folio Boxes.

Children’s Portraits Make Great Gifts

Fine Art Children’s Portraits are beautiful gifts to give to family, especially the grandparents. These portraits have a kind of old-world vintage feel, making them perfect for the grandparents.

The Love of the Art

Portrait Photography is not just a job for me, but a craft. I love the whole process from styling the shoot, creating the setups, working with each child and helping bring out the essence of who they are. They say never to work with children and animals, but amongst the challenges, children are such a joy to photograph. They are honest and open and don’t pretend to be anything they are not. They see the world differently to us and can help us notice the small but meaningful things in life.
childrens photography portrait photography sydney heavenlyimage


Our Studio

Photography sessions take place at my studio in Stanhope Gardens, North-West Sydney. The Session Fee is $95 and prints start at $85 for a 5″ x 7″ Print. Appointments are available Monday – Saturday. Bookings can be made by filling in the contact form below or calling me on 0408 266 759.
childrens photography portrait photography sydney heavenlyimage

*** Limited bookings left before Christmas! ****

If you would like your Children’s Portraits ready in time for Christmas we have limited bookings left. Get in quick & secure your booking to avoid disappointment.


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